ERISA Industry Committee (ERIC) FocusOn Conference Call


Anthony F. Shelley will join The ERISA Industry Committee (ERIC) in a FocusOn Conference Call to discuss recent developments in the ERISA claims area. The session will cover important recent court cases and related legal developments:

  • The oral argument that recently occurred in the Supreme Court in Heimeshoff v. Hartford Life. The session will explore which way the Court might be leaning on the question of when a benefits claim accrues for purposes of measuring the statute of limitations, and the possible impact on plan language and litigation.
  • The rapidly developing case law in the Circuits in the wake of CIGNA v. Amara (Supreme Court case now back before the Second Circuit) on when, or if, the remedy of surcharge (and monetary relief generally) is now available in ERISA cases.
  • The enforceability of a forum selection clause for litigation, when the clause is contained in an ERISA plan.
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