Trade Policy Breakfast with Mexico's Hector Marquez Solis

Location: Miller & Chevalier

Miller & Chevalier hosted a trade policy breakfast featuring Hector Marquez Solis, Mexico's top Trade and Economy Ministry official within its Embassy.

Mr. Marquez addressed Mexico's multi-faceted agenda with the U.S., including focusing on the upcoming year, which will be characterized by challenges and opportunities on the trade, economic and political fronts. Mr. Marquez is a veteran of the NAFTA negotiations, and during the many years of implementation and negotiation since then, he has held numerous positions within the Economy Ministry. In his current role, he works directly with the Secretary and Undersecretary for International Trade Negotiations of the Economy Ministry, as well as Mexico's Ambassador to the U.S. The Economy Ministry administers Mexico's trade laws and leads the development and implementation of Mexico's trade and investment policy and related agreements, in addition to a variety of other functions with the intent of enhancing Mexico's success in domestic and global markets. The U.S.-Mexico trading relationship is the second largest in the world.

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