Miller & Chevalier Webinar: The Impact of the New Dodd-Frank Rules -- Whistleblowing and Corporate Compliance


Miller & Chevalier hosted a webinar which focused on the recently released Securities and Exchange Commission rules for whistleblowers and their impact on how allegations of federal securities law violations are handled.  The new rules, which go into effect August 12, 2011, have raised a wide variety of compliance-related questions for companies, which were addressed in this webinar.

Topics discussed included:

  • The key provisions of the Dodd-Frank whistleblower rules and how they impact the way in which allegations of federal securities law violations are investigated and compliance programs are designed and implemented.
  • The 120-day look-back period and other related provisions’ impact on internal investigations.
  • How companies can develop/enhance their compliance program to minimize whistleblower risk and encourage internal reporting.

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