Influencing the Development of the New Health Care Reform Law


From the regulators to the legislators, employers and insurance companies have many opportunities to influence the new health care law. Like all pieces of legislation, the new health care reform directed the relevant agencies within the executive branch to develop regulatory guidance implementing the law. More significantly, like most complex pieces of legislation, the new health care law left open many unanswered questions that must now be answered by the regulators. This gives employers and insurance companies an ideal opportunity to influence the regulation writing process. Opportunities don't end there. Regardless of the results of the November 2nd mid-term election, there is no doubt that the new 112th Congress will continue to legislate in the area of health care. Such legislation will be supported by multiple hearings, Congressional reports authorized under the new health care law, and public debate.

Miller & Chevalier held an invitation-only teleconference to discuss possible legislative activity over the next two years, as well as pending regulatory projects and identify areas where employers and insurance companies can influence the regulation writing process in a manner most favorable to their interests. 

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