Miller & Chevalier Webinar: ERISA and the Supreme Court in 2016 - Montanile, Amgen and More

02.02.16Speakers Tony Shelley, Tess Gee and Erin Sweeney presented an up-to-the minute discussion on the Supreme Court's recent decisions in Montanile v. Bd of Trustees and Amgen Inc. v. Harris and other hot issues that the Court will be deciding this term. We debated what can be gleaned from the Court’s latest pronouncement on "appropriate equitable relief" in the context of dissipated plan assets, augured where the Justices will land on preemption (Gobeille v. Liberty Mutual) and standing (Spokeo, Inc. v. Robins) and navigated the pleading standards necessary to "divide the plausible sheep from meritless goats" in ESOP and other cases.
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