Miller & Chevalier Health Reform Teleconference Series:  Part II


Miller & Chevalier held Part II of an invitation-only teleconference to provide an inside-the-beltway perspective on health reform and the issues that are likely to create significant implementation issues for companies.

The coming months represent a critical period for U.S. businesses with respect to health care policy changes. Congress has very high expectations for what employers can deliver, which could place a significant burden on businesses. In addition, as Congress begins to focus on paying for reform, a number of tax provisions unrelated to health care are now in play. The purpose of the teleconference series is to provide timely information about the status and strategy for reform, and to share our insight regarding the provisions most likely to impact our clients from an implementation/compliance perspective. As part of Miller & Chevalier’s ongoing effort to keep a finger on the pulse of the issues that are important to our clients and the business community at large, we just completed our second annual survey designed to measure the perspectives and attitudes of leading corporate benefits executives on the direction of health care policy in the coming months.

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