Marc Gerson Comments on International Tax Reform Proposals in FY 2014 Budget in Tax Analysts

"Obama Budget Includes Reciprocal FATCA Information Reporting"
Tax Analysts

In this article, Marc Gerson comments on the 11 items international tax reform proposals included in the Obama administration's fiscal 2014 budget plan. All of the proposals are identical to those in last year's budget plan. Gerson said that while the international tax reform proposals are the same as last year's, a significant development is that this year the international provisions are "reserved" for revenue-neutral business tax reform.

"Thus, at least from the administration's perspective, these provisions should be considered in that context, rather than for deficit reduction, to fund short-term legislative objectives, et cetera," Gerson said. "Of course, Congress has not been receptive to these proposals in any context to date, but it is interesting that the administration has targeted these provisions in that fashion."

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