Marc Gerson Comments on 2013 Tax Policy Forecast Survey in The Wall Street Journal/CFO Journal

"Executives Lose Hope on Lower Taxes"
The Wall Street Journal/CFO Journal

Marc Gerson discusses the results of the 2013 Tax Policy Forecast Survey conducted by Miller & Chevalier and the National Foreign Trade Council. The results of the survey show that the majority of tax executives do not believe that comprehensive tax reforms that would address the overall corporate rate will be enacted in 2013. According to Gerson, there is bipartisan support in Congress for lowering the 35% corporate statutory tax rate to make the U.S. more competitive with lower tax rates in other nations. But executives are now worried about what steps the government will take in the near-term to raise revenues to pay off the deficit, he said, by changing tax rules for international operations or eliminating deductions.

"The concern is the notion that tax reform will be used to generate significant revenue for deficit reduction," Gerson said. "On a net basis, corporations think that would result in an increased tax burden."

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