Barry Pollack Quoted in Washington Times Regarding Attempts to Recover Money From MLB Players Who Invested in Stanford Ponzi Scheme

“Fed Seeks Millions from Ball Players in Ponzi Scheme”
The Washington Times
06.29.09Barry Pollack comments on attempts by the SEC-appointed “receiver” trying to recover the money from R. Allen Stanford's alleged Ponzi scheme to force seven current and former Major League Baseball players who had invested with Stanford to turn over $9.5 million, consisting mostly of their initial investments, so that their money can be split up among Stanford's victims. "I do think this is [the receiver] trying to establish a beachhead, and once they get the court to buy the concept, I do think they will go looking for other investors who have been paid back either their principal or their return on their investment," Pollack said. "It's a little bit of a Robin Hood concept - we are going to take from the lucky few that got paid back and put it in a pool and distribute to everybody."
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