Barry Pollack Quoted in Houston Chronicle Regarding Stanford Case

“Case vs. Stanford: ‘A Bit of Madoff, a Dash of Enron’”
Houston Chronicle
06.21.09Barry Pollack discusses the Stanford financial fraud case, which one commenter called “a bit of Madoff, [and] a dash of Enron.” Pollack, who won acquittal for an Enron defendant, said the case is more like Madoff than Enron. “The government is very reactive, so it’s always figuring out the current crisis.” He noted after Enron, laws were passed to address accounting deficiencies that contributed to the case. “The Madoffs of the world escaped oversight for some time but now the government’s looking for Ponzi-type schemes,” he said. “But it means they are always chasing the last method of fraud and usually missing the current method.”
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