Larry Gibbs Quoted Regarding Departure of IRS Commissioner Shulman in Bloomberg BNA's Daily Report for Executives

"Shulman to Leave Legacy of Breaking New Ground on Global Taxes, Practitioners Say"
Bloomberg BNA’s Daily Report for Executives
10.15.12Larry Gibbs is quoted extensively regarding news that Internal Revenue Service Commissioner Douglas Shulman will leave his post when his five-year term ends November 9. "I give Doug very high marks,” Gibbs said. “I think he obviously is a very bright and able person. He’s been an extremely good leader. He hasn't overextended himself, yet he has been able to identify the things that are most important and accomplish them." Gibbs said Shulman did an excellent job of steering an agency confronted with ever-increasing challenges and shrinking resources. "During his tenure, real progress has been made in modernizing IRS information systems," Gibbs said, adding that while IRS began as a revenue raising agency, over time it has become "a clearinghouse for every government program that comes along," with responsibilities in the health care, energy, and welfare arenas. "They turn the programs over to IRS, but they haven't provided any additional resources," he said. "Doug did a very good job of getting the resources he could get."

The agency’s focus on international taxes, compliance issues via the Compliance Assurance Process (CAP) program, and an initiative requiring taxpayers to report uncertain tax positions, were all key areas during Shulman’s tenure. "It was a very, very thoughtful approach to the compliance and enforcement side of the house," Gibbs said, adding that Shulman was also responsible for increased customer service in the taxpayer service area of the agency. Shulman, he said, "provided the leadership and impetus for others to move forward. He prioritized and got the right people in the right projects."
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