Barry Pollack Comments on the 1984 Murder of Catherine Fuller on Fox 5

"DC judge upholds convictions in 1984 murder of Catherine Fuller"
Fox 5

A D.C. Superior Court Judge has refused to overturn the conviction of seven men with the murder of Catherine Fuller. The men sought a revised ruling based upon evidence she was killed by only one or two assailants, and that prosecutors withheld evidence that could have been favorable.

"It’s very unfortunate that a case like this can go on for decades and there is still overwhelming evidence that no jury has never heard, and that is what is most disappointing to me," said Barry Pollack, lawyer for one of the defendants. "There is substantial scientific and forensic evidence in this case that we presented to the judge demonstrating that this is not a murder that was committed by a large group of men, but was committed by a single perpetrator, and that’s the evidence that I think the court should have focused on."

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