Barry Pollack Comments to Associated Press on 1984 Murder Convictions

"DC judge upholds convictions of 7 men in 1980s gang murder"
Associated Press

A D.C. Superior Judge recently upheld the convictions of seven men found guilty in the 1984 murder of Catherine Fuller, ruling that the men had failed to provide new evidence that could exonerate them.

Barry Pollack, a lawyer for one of the defendants, Christopher Turner, said he found the existence of undisclosed information particularly troubling. He said he intends to appeal the decision on behalf of his client and that the failure to turn over evidence would be the focus of the appeal. Pollack said he found it unfortunate that the judge focused on what he says is flawed testimony presented at the original trial and "failed to give full consideration" to evidence presented at the hearing that suggested a large group did not commit the crime.

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