Barry Pollack Comments on Upheld Conviction in 1984 D.C. Murder Case on NPR

"Men Convicted In Infamous 1984 D.C. Murder Lose Bid To Overturn Judgments"

An effort by seven men charged in a 1984 murder to overturn their convictions was turned back today by Judge Frederick H. Weisberg.  Barry Pollack, who represented Christopher Turner in the bid, vowed to appeal.

"The jury convicted a large group of men of murdering Catherine Fuller, but the jury did not know that there was substantial medical and forensic evidence that the crime was committed by a single assailant, and compelling evidence that the perpetrator was someone who was never charged," Pollack said. "Having heard that evidence, the court today focused on the flawed testimony presented at the original trial, rather than on the scientific evidence undermining that testimony.  ... Justice demands that a jury hear all of the evidence and make its own decision."

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