Barry Pollack Comments on Possible Stanford Sentence in Businessweek

"Stanford Faces Possible Life Term for $7 Billion Fraud"
06.14.12Barry Pollack comments on the upcoming sentencing in the R. Allen Stanford case. Stanford, who was recently found guilty of heading a $7 billion international fraud scheme, faces a 230-year term if a federal judge grants the prosecutor’s request. Some lawyers, however, believe the government’s recommendation is inappropriate and believe a shorter sentence is more likely. "It’s hard to take a request for a 230-year sentence seriously," said Pollack.

In determining the final sentence, the judge will take into account the amount of money lost and the impact on the victims, as well as Stanford’s health and whether he expresses remorse for his acts. "You can express some empathy for the people who lost money without admitting that you intentionally committed a fraud," preserving the viability of an appeal, he said.
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