Matt Reinhard Comments on Report Alleging "Willful Blindness" at News Corp. in The Wrap

"For Rupert Murdoch, Parliament Report Could Spur U.S. Legal Woes"
The Wrap
05.02.12Matt Reinhard comments on the UK parliamentary report that concluded that top executives at News Corp. were more interested in masking corruption than in cleaning it up, which could lead U.S. government to investigate whether or not the company violated the FCPA. U.S. officials are more likely to take their cues from an investigation by British law enforcement officers than they are from foreign politicians, said Reinhard. However, Reinhard argues that the study's findings about what it characterized as "willful blindness" among News Corp. executives regarding the extent of the hacking and bribery signals that ignorance is no longer an excuse when it comes to corporate corruption. "This speaks to the tone at the top," Reinhard said. "They allowed a culture to fester where they kept themselves deliberately in the dark. It should be a wake up call to executives that you cannot turn away from bad news. You have an obligation to investigate."
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