Tim O'Toole Discusses Overcriminalization on CBN News

"'Overcriminalization' Making Us a Nation of Felons?"
CBN News, 700 Club
03.29.12Tim O'Toole discusses overcriminalization in the U.S. and the proliferation of federal laws and regulations that can affect ordinary citizen. O'Toole said "I think it is fair to say that things are out of control" because most people wouldn't even know if they were committing a crime. "Ordinary people who are just doing their jobs have now been found guilty of many federal crimes," O'Toole said. He lays the blame for the explosion of U.S. criminal law squarely at the feet of Congress, saying lawmakers should do a better job writing narrower laws instead of trying to score points in the public relations campaign. "It's very hard for elected lawmakers to look tough on crime while at the same time being against expanding the criminal law," O'Toole said. "Everyone wants to seem tough on crime, but I think the real problem is that nobody has been all that smart on crime," he said.
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