Barry Pollack Quoted in Law360 Regarding Recent DOJ Losses in FCPA Cases Against Individuals

"Gabon Loss Highlights DOJ's Vulnerability In FCPA Cases"
01.31.12Barry Pollack discusses the Justice Department's recent string of losses in FCPA cases brought against individuals. Most recently, a federal jury acquitted two military equipment industry executives accused of bribing Gabonese officials to win weapon contracts, and a mistrial was declared for their three co-defendants the next day. "For a company, the risk is entirely monetary. For an individual, it's an entirely different analysis," Pollack said. "They are facing the idea of being a convicted felon for the rest of their life and possibly a lengthy prison sentence. I do think there will be individuals who see the Department of Justice's less than stellar record with these FCPA cases and think I'm not going to settle," Pollack said. "This is going to be very disconcerting for the department."
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