Marc Gerson Quoted on CNBC Regarding Potential Repeal of Alternative Minimum Tax

"Repeal of AMT: Why Politicians Are Avoiding It for 2012"
11.07.11Marc Gerson discusses the alternative minimum tax (AMT) and how its repeal is not a top issue in the 2012 campaign, in part because the focus is on comprehensive tax reform. Congress has traditionally passed at various times what's known as an AMT "patch", which increases the amount of income exempt from the tax, but there is no patch yet in place for 2012. However, even being "patchless" for next year —let alone a complete repeal of the tax — isn't lighting any political fires, says Gerson. "The patch is a concern to the administration and Congress, but it's not a high priority right now," Gerson goes on to say. "It might become an issue but not until much later, if tax reform fails."

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