Larry Christensen Comments on New BIS Best Practice Guidance in American Shipper

"Avoiding Transshipment Traps"
American Shipper
10.04.11Larry Christensen discusses the new set of best practices recently published by the U.S. Commerce Department's Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) to help the nation's exporters and freight forwarders avoid getting caught up in illicit transshipments, which can lead to significant fines and penalties, not to mention revocation of export privileges and prison time. "It's always useful to stir the embers and publicly remind the export community about what best practices are," said Christensen. He said that most large exporters with export compliance programs should already be familiar with the best practices. However, he warned "export controls aren't mainstream within many small and mid-sized companies in the United States," and the best practices should be most useful to them. "Communications by the numbers is really important for national security and for meeting foreign policy objectives," Christensen said.
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