Barry Pollack Comments on His Representation of Texas Businessman in Fraud Scheme Trial in the Associated Press

“Prosecutors Say Texas Businessman Planned to Run”
Associated Press
08.04.11Barry Pollack comments on allegations by the prosecution that his client, Christian Allmendinger, a Texas businessman who was convicted in a $100 million fraud scheme, secretly stashed about $150,000 to fund an escape plan that was thwarted when a judge refused to release him pending sentencing. Pollack says, "People get punished based on what they do, not based on what the government believes they were thinking. The fact of matter is that Mr. Allmendinger did not flee. He came to Richmond to face the charges against him." Prosecutors are seeking a 125-year sentence for Allmendinger, which Pollack says "is wildly disproportionate to Mr. Allmendinger's actual offense and other relevant conduct." He says a sentence of roughly 10 years to 12.5 years would be appropriate.
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