John Davis Quoted in the Daily Beast on the Possibility of Murdoch Being Prosecuted in the U.S.

"U.S. Could Prosecute Murdoch"
The Daily Beast
07.19.11John Davis comments on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the U.S. law under which some suggest Rupert Murdoch could be prosecuted. Davis says he wouldn’t lift an eyebrow if the SEC, for example, were to bring a civil prosecution (civil cases, remember, have a lower burden of proof). The SEC, he says, has every right under the statute to make a determination that what News International did in Britain constituted enough of a violation of U.S. standards and practices that the company deserves to be prosecuted civilly in the U.S. while defending itself against criminal charges in the U.K. “If you asked me today—and asked peers and colleagues of mine—if that would be a surprise, the answer is no,” says Davis. The SEC and the DOJ could jointly pursue something like that with the Murdochs. How much money the SEC would seek would be the key question, Davis says. He notes further that the government has other tools at its disposal—that in some cases, it has required an independent monitor to oversee the company.
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