Andrew Wise Quoted on ESPN Regarding the Upcoming Trial of Roger Clemens

“Moment of Truth for Roger Clemens”
07.05.11Andy Wise comments on the upcoming trial of Roger Clemens, indicted for perjury following his 2008 testimony before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform investigating performance-enhancing drug use in baseball. Clemens' fellow teammate, Andy Pettitte, testified to committee members that Clemens discussed using HGH with him and that they both received it from Brian McNamee. Pettitte is expected to be the linchpin for McNamee's credibility. Some lawyers expect the defense to treat Pettitte as a friend with a faulty memory, put in a difficult position by the government. Wise disagrees, saying "The approach of crediting him [Pettitte] as a good guy who misremembers, you're asking a jury to bite off a lot. My guess is they'll [portray] him as a guy whose story has evolved and is worried about protecting his legacy. I don't think they can afford to treat him too gently," he says.
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