Barry Pollack Comments on NPR Regarding 1985 Murder Conviction of Chris Turner

"A Murder, 7 Convictions and Many Question Marks"

Barry Pollack comments on the 1985 conviction of Chris Turner for the murder of Catherine Fuller.  Pollack, working with the Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project, is now trying to clear Turner's name, and get a judge to overturn the conviction.  Pollack says there are plenty of reasons to be skeptical about the government's case.  For instance, prosecutors never turned over statements from several witnesses that would have placed James McMillan near the alley that day.  "The government never disclosed to the defense they had three eyewitnesses who saw McMillan leaving the crime scene right around the time that the body was found," Pollack says.

Late last year, D.C. officials were preparing to close an old warehouse stuffed with evidence and turned up three boxes filled with material from the Fuller murder.  After spending decades in prison, Turner is now out on parole; he maintains his innocence. 

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