Barry Pollack Quoted on Regarding Expert Testimony in Rajaratnam Insider Trading Case

"Prosecutors Try to Keep Rajaratnam’s Expert From Testifying"
04.01.11Barry Pollack comments on attempts by the prosecution in the insider trading case against former hedge fund manager Raj Rajaratnam to block the testimony of one of the defense's key experts regarding his analysis of the trades at issue in the case. Pollack said that while motions to preclude experts were the norm in hotly contested trials, "Doing an economic analysis of trading patterns and how particular information impacted the marketplace is classic expert testimony." Pollack said that prosecutors could rely on cross-examination to point out any flaws in an expert's analysis. "But to suggest the jury shouldn't get to hear the testimony in the first place because it’s not legitimate analysis, seems to defy common sense in some respects because it’s the exact kind of analysis the government itself routinely bases its decisions on," he said.
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