Motion in Case Against Former CIA Officer Jeffrey Sterling Filed by Defense Team, Including Barry Pollack and Mia Haessly, Discussed in Politico

"Feds Spy on Reporter in Leak Probe"

The article discusses the criminal case against Jeffrey Sterling, a former CIA officer facing federal criminal charges for allegedly disclosing classified information. Sterling is accused of giving a reporter, widely reported to have been New York Times reporter James Risen, detailed information about a classified program. Risen in the book State of War describes the CIA's plan to give Iran faulty nuclear blueprints, hoping temporarily to thwart the regime’s ambitions to build an atomic bomb. A motion filed by Sterling's defense lawyers, Ed MacMahon Jr. and Miller & Chevalier's Barry Pollack, reveals that the prosecution has turned over "various telephone records showing calls made by the author James Risen," credit reports for Mr. Risen and certain records of his airline travel. The information was obtained by federal investigators trying to find out the source of the CIA leak.

The article was also quoted in Harper's Magazine.

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