Larry Christensen Quoted in Wall Street Journal Regarding Freezing of $30 Billion in Libyan Assets

"Treasury Says Libyan Sanctions Blocked $30 Billion"
The Wall Street Journal
02.28.11Larry Christensen comments on the Treasury announcement that the government has frozen $30 billion in Libyan assets under U.S. jurisdiction that are linked to Gadhafi, five of his children, Libya's central bank and its sovereign wealth fund. Christensen said that the objectives of the sanctions are to prevent further bloodshed, secure state assets for the benefit of Libyans when a future government begins to operate, and to cause Gadhafi to leave power. Christensen put the odds of the sanctions working "at least 50-50, but we may not know how quickly." He added, "It’s likely to be very similar to what we saw on TV with [ousted Egyptian leader Hosni] Mubarak, but we have less information now."
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