Barry Pollack Discusses Proposed Rajaratnam Jury Instructions in Bloomberg Businessweek

"Rajaratnam Wants Jury Told His Job Was to 'Ferret Out' Data"
Bloomberg Businessweek
02.04.11Barry Pollack comments on the request by defense team for Raj Rajaratnam, the Galleon Group hedge fund co-founder accused of insider trading, that jurors be instructed that he was a professional stock analyst whose job it was to "ferret out and analyze information." The proposed jury instructions indicate Rajaratnam is planning to argue he was "just doing my job" by amassing company news, said Pollack. Unable to challenge government evidence that Rajaratnam had frequent communications about stocks and public companies, the defense will put an innocent explanation on his remarks and show that Rajaratnam never intended to break the law, Pollack said. "The defense clearly wants the jury to understand that there's nothing improper with talking to sources," Pollack said. "They're saying, ‘What you are paying an investment adviser for is to go out and gather intelligence. In fact, he would be derelict if he wasn't.'"
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