2008 Tax Policy Forecast Survey Media Coverage

02.15.08Miller & Chevalier's 2008 Tax Policy Forecast Survey is continuing to receive coverage in a number of top media outlets. While the majority of survey respondents believe the current tax structure needs an overhaul, few believe it will happen in 2008. Today, House Ways and Means Chairman Charles B. Rangel (D-NY) reacted to our survey findings in Congress Daily by saying, "They may be right, but I'm going to fight to get a bill out there," Rangel said. "That might be difficult because to bring about reform you've got to close loopholes, which will be described as tax increases. But I'm going to push the administration on tax reform."

Additional coverage includes mentions in the Wall Street Journal Tax Report column by Tom Herman; BNA's Daily Tax Report for Executives; Tax Analysts/Tax Notes; Web CPA; Financial Executives International; Politico; electronic business magazine SmartPros; Tickmarks, a weblog about accounting and related topics; SearchFinance.com, a sister publication of Business Finance Magazine; and the Tax Prof Blog website. Several other media outreach opportunities, as well as byline opportunities for Miller & Chevalier attorneys on the implications of the survey, are in the works.

Additionally, as of this morning, there have been almost 1,000 (994) downloads of the tax survey report from the Miller & Chevalier website, as well as 144 downloads of the tax survey press release.

The survey, which was sent to more than 2,000 leading tax and finance executives at a broad cross-section of large U.S.-based and foreign-based multinational corporations and major trade associations, measured current perspectives and attitudes of leading corporate tax executives on the direction of tax policy in the coming year.
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