Marianna Dyson and Fred Oliphant Quoted in Forbes Regarding Obama’s Plan to Curb Executive Compensation at Firms That Receive Taxpayer Money

“Executive Loopholes”
02.04.09Fred Oliphant and Marianna Dyson discuss the potential loopholes in Obama’s plan to attach limits on executive compensation to bailout money received through the government’s Troubled Asset Relief Program. The new rules require the boards of companies that receive a taxpayer bailout to adopt a company policy on "luxury expenditures." But the guidelines are too ambiguous, according to Oliphant. "When does it become a luxury as opposed to normal business operations?" he asks. Another area of ambiguity is enforcement of the policies that the companies adopt in response to the plan. "Who's going to be the czar in charge of making determinations whether you have enforced your own policies?" asks Dyson.
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