Barry Pollack Comments on Implications of Prosecutorial Misconduct in Stevens Trial in Politico

“DOJ Mistakes May Hinder Other Cases”
04.08.09Barry Pollack discusses the potential impact of the dismissal of Ted Steven’s case as a result of prosecutorial misconduct on corruption cases against other politicians. Pollack says the impact of Judge Sullivan’s ruling in the Stevens’ case, made with the support of Attorney General Eric Holder, will play out at several different levels. “In a micro level, you would certainly think it would have an impact in the case involving Rep. [Don] Young because you’ve got some of the same witnesses and maybe some of the same investigative agents and some of the same prosecutors,” Pollack says. “So to the extent that their credibility has been damaged, that may have a very direct impact on any case that they would try to bring against Rep. Young.” He adds, “Will judges be a little more vigilant in policing the Department of Justice in meeting its obligations as a result of this experience? I think that they will be in public corruption cases and cases involving the Public Integrity Section in particular.”
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