Tim O'Toole Quoted in the New York Times Regarding Attempts to Retry Former State Senate Leader Bruno

"U.S. Seeks to Retry Ex-State Senate Leader Bruno"
The New York Times
11.16.10Tim O'Toole comments on efforts by federal prosecutors to seek a new trial for former New York State Senate leader Joseph Bruno, in light of the Supreme Court ruling that limited the honest services law, under which Bruno was convicted last year. The government argues that prosecutors presented enough evidence in the trial to convict Mr. Bruno, even under the Supreme Court's narrowed interpretation of the law and that all the ruling requires is to retry Mr. Bruno, this time using with jury instructions that pass Supreme Court muster. "They're saying, we'll concede your conviction and give you a new trial, but we're not going to concede that we can't prosecute you again," said O'Toole.
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