Larry Christensen Profiled in Export Control Report

"In conversation with Larry Christensen"
Export Control Report
11.05.10A profile of Larry Christensen appears in the inaugural issue of Export Control Report. In the article, he discusses the evolution of export controls over the years and the challenges companies face in complying with the regulations. Christensen says that compliance has become more difficult because there are more rules, more agencies involved, because technology keeps changing, and because the penalties for non-compliance are harder. "I like to say that all the things demanded by export controls, such as the need for compliance training [and] license reviewing, require companies to be 'multilingual,' in other words, to be able to interpret high level policy and regulatory-ese and then to look at how you run a company and administer these restrictions, refrain from dealing with blacklisted parties, and so on." Much of the challenge for companies, he says, lies in keeping track of developments not only within the countries in which they do business, but also throughout their distribution chain.
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