Barry Pollack Comments on Blagojevich Verdict in the Washington Times

"Justice faces new setback in sole Blago conviction; Losing tally persists in corruption cases"
Washington Times
08.19.10Barry Pollack discusses the failure of the Justice Department to win conviction on more than one count in the corruption case against former Illinois Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich. Pollack said that in white-collar and political corruption cases, "The line between what is distasteful conduct and what is illegal conduct has never been particularly clear," adding that the Department of Justice has become more aggressive in going after ambiguous cases. Mr. Pollack said Blagojevich's conviction is typical of some high-profile cases in which no crime is ever proved, except that the defendant lied during the investigation. "It's long been true in Washington in political scandals that people almost always get in trouble for the cover-up rather than the underlying event, and that's often true in criminal law as well," Mr. Pollack said. "It is often easier to prove an after-the-fact lie than the underlying conduct was illegal."
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