Matt Reinhard Discusses Bourke Appeal Brief in Main Justice

"Prosecutors Ask Appeals Court to Uphold Bourke’s Bribery Conviction"
Main Justice
08.02.10On July 31, federal prosecutors filed a brief asking the court to reject the appeal of Frederic Bourke Jr., arguing that the U.S. District Judge properly instructed the jury regarding conscious avoidance. According to Matt Reinhard, the government’s brief puts companies on notice that DOJ expects them to undertake adequate due diligence. “A number of Fortune 500 companies have pleaded guilty to FCPA violations, and I doubt the government would contend that all future business dealings with such companies must be immediately suspect because of their past FCPA transgressions,” stated Reinhard. Reinhard also said the government indicates it won’t be backing down anytime soon from using the conscious avoidance argument.
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