Barry Pollack Discusses Supreme Court Skilling Decision in the Houston Chronicle

"Supreme Court Sides with Skilling's Appeal"
Houston Chronicle
06.24.10Barry Pollack comments on the Supreme Court’s ruling in former Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling’s appeal, in which the court determined that the honest services law used against Skilling only covers bribery and kickback schemes, but also concluded that Skilling was able to get a fair trial in Houston. "The Court clearly did not want to be in the business of micromanaging how a trial court sifts through prospective jurors to determine which ones are biased and which can be objective and said it would not second guess the procedure invoked by the trial court in Mr. Skilling’s case," said Pollack. He added that the honest services ruling is another blow for the Enron prosecutors. "The Supreme Court has ruled yet again that the Enron Task Force pushed the envelope too far. Having an allegedly undisclosed amorphous financial conflict of interest is not a federal felony," Pollack said.
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