Matt Reinhard Comments on HP Bribery Investigation in BNET Technology

"HP Shows Foreign Bribery Can Bite U.S. Companies at Home"
BNET Technology
04.15.10Matt Reinhard discusses the investigation into allegations that Hewlett-Packard (HP) paid millions in bribes to sell equipment to Russia through a German subsidiary. “I think it’s incredibly likely, almost a certainty, that there will be an investigation on the U.S. side, especially since the money allegedly was channeled through shell companies in Delaware and Wyoming,” says Reinhard. According to Reinhard, there are two areas in which an investigation, at least, is likely to happen. One is on the civil side through the SEC, which is unlikely to be swayed by HP’s claim of victim status. It also seems fairly certain that the DOJ will investigate whether HP violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Reinhard thinks that there may already be an investigation under way, because of the close working relationship between German and American anti-corruption authorities after the Siemens settlement.
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