Matt Reinhard Discusses Bourke Appeal in Main Justice

"Bourke Argues Errors by Judge in Closely Watched FCPA Appeal"
Main Justice
04.12.10Matt Reinhard comments on Frederic Bourke’s appeal of his conviction for violating the FCPA, saying “The odds of getting a jury verdict reversed are always very long, but the [defense] brief raises some good issues that I think the Court of Appeals will struggle with. [It] will be interesting to see the government’s brief.” Reinhard said the appeal contains few if any surprises and believes Bourke’s odds look good. As he expected, the brief frames key FCPA evidentiary issues related to how the government proves knowledge and intent in such cases, as the government never claimed Bourke paid bribes. “It seems much of the argument feeds into the idea there wasn’t a case there,” he said. “That the evidentiary errors piled one on top of another exceeded the harmless error threshold.”
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