James Tillen and Miller & Chevalier FCPA Alert Quoted on FCPA Professor Blog Regarding BAE Case

"Understanding Issuers"
FCPA Professor Blog
02.22.10James Tillen discusses the FCPA’s definition of an issuer in the context of the case against BAE, saying "We specifically note in the [February 11, 2010] Client Alert that the absence of an SEC resolution was likely due to the fact that the SEC did not have jurisdiction: 'The absence of SEC charges may reflect a lack of SEC jurisdiction because BAE was not subject to the registration and reporting requirements of the Securities and Exchange Act during the relevant time period, which is required for FCPA accounting provision jurisdiction.' Press accounts reported that the SEC was investigating at some point so it was worth raising the question of why no SEC resolution (especially since the DOJ effectively brought an internal controls case)."
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