Barry Pollack Comments on Contradiction Regarding Louis Berger Cooperation in Just Anti-Corruption

"Louis Berger's cooperation called into question at former employee's sentencing"
Just Anti-Corruption
07.18.16Barry Pollack commented on statements by the prosecutor at the recent sentencing of former employees of New Jersey-based construction management company, Louis Berger. Even though the company was credited for its cooperation in a deferred prosecution agreement (DPA) last year, at the sentencing hearing of former Louis Berger executive Richard Hirsch, the prosecutor praised Hirsch's cooperation but said the company was not willing to admit bribery occurred, which seemingly contradicted statements about Berger's cooperation in its DPA. "It is unusual that an individual would get credit for cooperating against a corporation and that company would also get credit for cooperating in that same investigation." Pollack said. "That being said, cooperation is a continuum, and the government in every case is responsible for informing the court about the quality and extent of the cooperation it received."
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