Welles Orr Comments on the U.S. Presidential Election's Potential Impact on TPP in Trade & Forfaiting Review

"Land of the not so free"
Trade & Forfaiting Review
June 2016Welles Orr commented on the likely impact of the upcoming U.S. presidential election on North American trade flows and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Orr said that whoever wins would likely "stake out to whoever is in the majority in the Senate." In the event of a Trump victory, Orr said Trump might take six months to a year to re-evaluate the TPP before acting. "You would hope that [Trump] would understand he cannot renegotiate a trade pact with 11 other countries," he added. Orr said that Canada's new Trudeau government is likely to move forward with the TPP. "The government came into the picture with an open mind on getting the TPP done, although there was a concern it would take time out. However, the Canadians have had the challenge of completing the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), which now has problems on the European side--there a some real rumblings about what Canada gave up," he said.
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