Andrew Wise Quoted Regarding U.S. Supreme Court's McDonnell Ruling in Bloomberg News

"Ex-Virginia Governor McDonnell Wins at U.S. Supreme Court on Corruption Conviction"
Bloomberg News
06.27.16Andrew Wise was quoted regarding the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to overturn the conviction of ex-Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell on corruption charges related to honest-services fraud. The ruling may make it more difficult to prosecute public officials for corruption in the future as the Court disagreed with the Department of Justice's view that the relevant statute covers a broad array of acts beyond a direct attempt to influence a governmental official, including arranging meetings and hosting events. "What the court is saying is if the government wants to impose the ultimate sanction of convicting someone of a felony and taking away their liberty, then the rules have to be exceedingly clear and cannot be left to interpretation and shouldn’t rely on the exercise of unbounded prosecutorial discretion," Wise said.
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