Mark Rochon Quoted in The American Lawyer Regarding Miller & Chevalier's Representation of VimpelCom

"Firms Cash In on Anti-Bribery Expertise Amid Litigation Slowdown"
The American Lawyer
05.09.16Mark Rochon was quoted in The American Lawyer regarding Miller & Chevalier's representation of VimpelCom in its $795 million settlement with U.S. and Dutch regulators to resolve allegations of bribery, and the resulting fees associated with such investigations. According to The American Lawyer, history has shown that fees for resolving Foreign Corrupt Practices (FCPA) allegations can result in significant billings for law firms. Companies are spending large sums to resolve regulatory probes and the U.S. Department of Justice has urged companies not to "boil the ocean" when conducting an investigation. But absent a regulation of fees, the message may not be getting through. "This is something I feel strongly about," Rochon said. "In determining the scope and depth of an FCPA investigation, attorneys should advocate strongly to the government to make sure scope and depth are reasonable. I worry that attorneys are in some cases advocating with their clients to broaden and deepen the scope, instead of with the government, to narrow and limit it." He added that about 40 of Miller & Chevalier's 105 lawyers are focused on FCPA matters at any one time.
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