Barry Pollack Quoted Regarding Verdict Reversal in NOVA Bank Case in Law360

"NOVA Bank Leaders May Have Path to Nix TARP Fraud Verdict"
04.28.16Barry Pollack was quoted regarding the potential for the court to enter a judgment of acquittal following the trial and guilty verdict of NOVA Bank leaders for an alleged scheme to deceive regulators. "It's very difficult to get a judge to enter a judgment of acquittal after a jury has come back with a guilty verdict. It's not impossible, but it's very rare," Pollack said. At the same time, it is also unusual for a judge to express doubt about evidence in a case, which happened here. "It's unusual, but I don't think it actually telegraphs a result. The judge has some concerns. Obviously, the jury had some concerns, because they came back with guilty on some counts and not guilty on others," he said. "It's good news for them that the judge is taking the issue very seriously."
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