Larry Gibbs Quoted Regarding Recent Congressional Measures to Limit IRS in The New York Times

"I.R.S. Fights Back Against House Republicans' Attacks"
The New York Times

Larry Gibbs was quoted regarding recent congressional measures to limit the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in The New York Times. "I'm appalled, that's all I can say," said Gibbs, former IRS Commissioner during the Reagan administration. "It's fine to demonize the I.R.S. It has always been a target. Listen, that goes with the job." But, he added, given the nation's challenges, "the one thing people ought to agree on is that we should have a revenue system that works and works well. And if we're going to create a disrespect for our tax revenue system," he continued, "I look at it and say I just don't think it's in our country's best interest."

This article also appeared in MSN News on April 21, 2016.

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