Marc Gerson Quoted Regarding Remote Prospects for Tax Reform in Tax-News

"US Tax Executives Believe Tax Reform's Far Away"
04.01.16Marc Gerson was quoted in Tax-News regarding the results of the 10th Annual Miller & Chevalier and National Foreign Trade Council (NFTC) Tax Policy Forecast Survey. "Respondents continue to be uncertain about when comprehensive tax reform will be enacted, or whether it will even happen at all," Gerson remarked. "That said, with the presidential and congressional campaigns in full swing, we are seeing a more active dialogue on tax policy than in prior election years." The survey respondents expressed concern that even if tax reform eventually moves forward that the U.S. statutory corporate rate would remain high compared to their trading partners. "Most essential to our respondents is that policymakers address issues facing businesses," Gerson said, "including the high U.S. statutory tax rate and the need to level the global playing field through international tax reform."
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