John Eustice Quoted Regarding Challenge of ECR and the Cloud in Supply Chain Security in Security Magazine

"The Daily Challenges of Supply Chain Security"
Security Magazine
04.01.16John Eustice was quoted regarding the challenge of export controls and the cloud in supply chain security. To effectively implement an export control system, a country must exhibit a broad national commitment to the endeavor. This commitment is first illustrated by making the political decision to adhere to international nonproliferation norms, as defined by various multilateral regimes, and engage solely in responsible arms transfers, Eustice said. There is an effort toward export control reform (ECR). "In some ways, it is about foreign contracts, location of cloud-based servers. You have to take a very nuanced and careful approach," he said. "You want more control over how you store and use supply chain data in the cloud. There are different types of controls over different types of data."
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