John Eustice Comments on Microsoft's Recently Announced Cloud Security Measures in E-Commerce Times

"Microsoft Bolsters Cloud Security"
E-Commerce Times

John Eustice commented on Microsoft's recently announced measures to improve security management and transparency for Azure cloud services and Office 365. The best news to come out of Microsoft's cloud security announcements is the recognition that the company must work with others in the industry to better understand the current and future threats facing its systems, Eustice said. "No single corporation, even one as large as Microsoft, can obtain sufficient intelligence on cybersecurity threats to identify larger trends and accurately assess risk. By pooling resources with similar providers and acquiring security-focused companies like Adallom, Microsoft is making an effort to provide better and broader security information to its clients."

Eustice added that even with better information, clients will need to maintain proper security measures for their own employees using Microsoft's cloud-based services. The keys to Microsoft turning its efforts into a competitive advantage over other cloud computing service providers are marketing, which Microsoft does quite well, and transparency in contracting, where Microsoft sometimes struggles, he said. "When a company contracts with Microsoft for cloud services, that company will need to understand both the benefits of increased security and the process through which it can work with Microsoft to minimize the risk of a cyberincident. Without clarity in the contract, a company's incident response plan will be unlikely to take advantage of the increased security measures offered by Microsoft."

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