Barry Pollack Quoted Regarding Upcoming Supreme Court Hearing for McDonnell Corruption Case in CNN

"Supreme Court to hear appeal of former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell"
01.15.16Barry Pollack was quoted regarding the Supreme Court agreeing to hear an appeal from former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, who was convicted on federal corruption charges in 2014. McDonnell's lawyers argue that the former governor's actions were limited to routine political courtesies as opposed to corrupt activities with the purpose of exercising governmental power. Elected officials and campaign donors are carefully watching developments in the case to see if the justices will clarify the scope of so called "official action" under federal corruption law. "The Supreme Court's action today means that Governor McDonnell's prosecution will likely result in a landmark case clarifying where to draw the sometimes murky line between what is a mere political favor and what is illegal public corruption," Pollack said.
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