Anthony Shelley's Arguments in Bruce v. Samuels Quoted in Talk Radio News Service

"Chief Justice Chastises Government Over Treatment of Prisoners in Petition Filing Case"
Talk Radio News Service
11.04.15Firm Chair Anthony F. Shelley's arguments in Bruce v. Samuels were quoted in the Talk Radio News Service. The case, which involves how filing fees are calculated and paid by prisoners who file in forma pauperis, will decide whether fees should be paid under a per-prisoner approach or a per-case approach. Shelley, advocating for prisoner Antoine Bruce, argued for the per-prisoner approach based on the language of the Prison Litigation Reform Act. "Congress comes into [the issue] to deal with [individuals] who are multiple filers of multiple cases," Shelley said, adding that Congress would not want to "prevent meritorious cases from being filed." Shelley argued that while prisoners would still have to pay all of what they owe, the government's position is unduly harsh. But for "a matter of grace," according to Shelley, the Bureau of Prisons, which oversees federal prisoners, could leave the prisoners penniless with no resources for "phone calls, stamps and money to buy books."
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